Chanel Pearl and Black Enamel Belt or Necklace


Wear it high or wear it low—you’ve got options with this Chanel Pearl and Black Enamel Belt or Necklace! Suspended from a chunky gold-tone chain are large white faux pearls with iconic Chanel symbols like the number 5 and interlocking C’s in black, plus gold-tone studs giving them a Sputnik look. There are a few gray-tone faux pearls here and there and the clasp is a black enamel double C. In very good condition, some pearls have wear. When worn as a belt with a maximum waist measurement of 40 inches, it has a long drop with a large pearl at the end. If you decide the neck is where you want the emphasis, wrap it twice!

Product ID: CH.P0919.21
Measurements/Size: 40” as a belt, adjustable

Very Good

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