Bottega Veneta Green Suede Booties

Bottega Veneta

If only I knew a lot more about Klingons, I could tell you for sure that Bottega Veneta's Green Suede Booties were the be-all and end-all of Klingon fashion! Alas, I can only say I wish they were since they look like so fashion forward. Brand new and never worn, they come with two dustbags and a box. The platforms are a half an inch high and the heels are four point seven inches high (no doubt that rounds to something in Klingon.) Zipping up the inside of your feet, they are lined in green leather and have rubber soles under foot. The strappy detail is just for looks, as is the amazing curve to the heels!


Product ID: BV.F0525.09
Measurements/Size: 38.5
Condition: New/Like New

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