Hermès Cavalcadour Morning Cashmere Silk Shawl 140cm


Hermès’ Cavalcadour Morning Shawl is a joint effort by designers Henri d’Origny and Nigel Peake! In a colorway of caban (peacoat navy), Bordeaux, and vert, it is made of 70% cashmere and 30% silk. It features the geometric elements of Peake’s “Morning” with the intertwined bridlery of d’Origny’s “Cavalcadour.” In very good condition, it comes with a box, tag, pilling throughout, an untacked label corner, and it could use an airing out. This Hermès stunner is like getting two pieces of wearable op-art in one lightweight shawl—and, now, you and only a handful of others know how to interpret its pattern!

Product ID: HR.P0907.04
Measurements/Size: 55” x 55”
Condition: Very Good

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