Hermès Colliers de Chiens Cashmere Silk Shawl 140cm


You don’t have to wear all your Colliers de Chiens on your wrist, change it up a bit by draping them over your shoulder with this Hermès Shawl! Made of 65% cashmere and 35% silk in noir, rouge, and kaki, it’s a Virginie Jamin design that features some of the most upscale dog collars I’ve ever seen, some even have names on them. Hmm, I wonder who Fric, Frac, and Rex belonged to? In very good condition, it comes with a box, tags, light pilling, an untacked label corner, and it could use a light airing out. This large shawl can be styled in so many different ways—all you need to do is unleash your creativity! 

Product ID: HR.P0813.05
Measurements/Size: 55” x 55”
Condition: Very Good

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