Hermès Raisin Ulysse PM Agenda Cover


A crinkly raisin isn’t nearly as luscious as Hermès’ Raisin Ulysse PM Agenda Cover and Carmencita! The dark purple Togo leather cover folds over and secures with two true snaps, and the matching purple unlined interior is stamped with an R in a box (2015) and outfitted with colored paper. The end of the Carmencita is made from loops of red leather and a lobster clasp on the opposite end can be attached to a spiral on the notebook to use as a bookmark or clipped to anything else that suits your fancy. In excellent condition, there’s light scratching on the hardware. The agenda arrives with a box. Take this accessory to your next meeting—all those envious looks won’t leave any doubt who it belongs to!


Product ID:
5”W x 6.25”H x 0.75”D, Carmencita 6.5”L x approx 0.5”W

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