Hermès Serio Ludere Silk Scarf 90cm


This Hermès Serio Ludere Scarf contrasts techno-pop animation with Renaissance architecture! Designed by Nicolas Buffe and issued in 2014, it is made of 100% silk in a blanc and noir colorway. Buffe is a contemporary French artist living in Tokyo who likes to combine Japanese animation—anime, tokusatsu, and manga—with Rococo and Baroque elements in his work, explaining, perhaps, the title of this piece, which means “to play seriously.” In excellent condition with a box and tag, it comes with a few small, hard-to-see snags. You really need to hold this square of silk at a distance to see all the fun things going on—as they say with food, “feed the eye first,” then you can wear it (which they don’t say about food)! 

Product ID: HR.P0907.13
Measurements/Size: 36” x 36”
Condition: Excellent

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