Hermès Bleu Paon Epsom Imprévisible Reversible Cuff Bracelet


This Imprévisible Reversible Cuff Bracelet is unpredictable in name only—it comes with the same unflinching quality you’d expect from the house of Hermès! A designer size MM and 35 millimeters wide, it’s made of Bleu Paon Epsom leather with gold-tone hardware in the Médor-studded adjustable clasp. If you’re tired of this blue color (although I don’t see how you could be), just reverse the bracelet to its Natural leather side for a change of pace. In very good condition and stamped with an X, it has marks on the metal and comes with a box and pouch. Here’s another instance where the designer gives you two looks for the price of one!


Product ID: HR.Q0426.16
Measurements/Size: Wrist circumference is equal to or less than 7.5"
Condition: Very Good

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