Louis Vuitton Monogram and Rose Ballerine Epi Bandoulière Strap

Louis Vuitton

With Louis Vuitton's Monogram and Rose Ballerine Epi Bandoulière Strap, changing up your bag's look is as easy as clip, clip, and away you go! Measuring 1.5 inches wide, this double-sided shoulder candy is brown logo canvas on one side and textured pink Epi on the other with silver snap-hook clasps at the ends. In very good condition with a box, it has a few tiny, hard-to-see black marks on the pink side and a light perfume smell. The flash of Rose Ballerine is enough to jazz up any LV satchel!

Product ID: LV.Q0911.26
Measurements/Size: 38.5"
Condition: Very Good

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