Balenciaga Ivory Classic Day


Balenciaga’s Ivory Classic Day is a slouchy sweetheart with distinctive style! It’s made of wrinkled, distressed off-white leather with brass classic hardware and a zipped pocket on the front, and the top zips open to black fabric inside with another zipped pocket. In good condition with a mirror and dustbag, the corners are slightly darkened, the tassels have split, the side has a few very tiny dark marks, there are more tiny dark marks toward the top, a blue stain on the bottom, a faint yellow stain on the back top toward the zipper, a few small yellow stains at the end of the zipper leather, and the handles have darkened—but much of this is small and faint. With a 6-inch drop to the handle, this one is called a classic for good reason!


Product ID: BG.Q0812.02
Measurements/Size: 11.5”W x 13.5”H x 4.75”D
Condition: Good

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