Burberry Black Leather Suitcase


Burberry's Black Leather Suitcase is huge! Made of heavy duty textured leather, you can unzip the center zipper so it lies flat – always a plus when packing. With a connector to hold the straps together, there is a drop of nine inches. Made of textured leather with smooth leather trim, there are marks on the leather. Coming with a luggage tag, clochette, and key, there are three zipped sections at the top with spaces in-between. The first zipped section has a slide pocket, the middle section has different kinds of pockets for traveling and it's lined in black logo fabric. On the front is a big zipped pocket to hold your travel toys – like magazines and cream! A huge bag, it's heavy even when it's empty, so take a muscle man along with you – always a great suggestion!


Product ID: BB.G1105.08
Measurements/Size: 18.5"W x 15.25"H x 10"D
Condition: Very Good

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