Giuseppi Zanotti Black Pix 100 Plato Sandals

Giuseppi Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti's Black Pix 100 Plato Sandals give me a whole different idea about Plato – in fact, a slew of different ideas! First, we have the black and gold sunburst/harlequin look on the four and a half inch heels, then the gold broach with black crystals on the toes, and then the poofy satin gather at the instep. With a bit of wear on the leather soles, they come with a box and dustbag. Peep toes, sling backs, and half inch hidden toe platform…I knew Plato was a deep thinker, but who knew he had such design plans!


Product ID: GZ.D0201.07
Measurements/Size: Size 36
Condition: Very Good

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