Hermès Rose de Compas Cashmere Silk Shawl 140cm


Your fashion sense is right on course with Hermès’ Rose de Compas Shawl swaddled around your neck, shoulders, or waist! Made of 65% cashmere and 35% silk, this Natsuno Hidaka compass rose design comes in the Hermès colors of indigo, vert, and jaune. In very good condition with a box and the tag, there is light pilling throughout, it has a few loose threads and pulls, and the label is detached on one side. The compass rose is also known as a wind rose or rose of the winds—what a magical image those expressions must conjure for those bitten with the wanderlust! 

Product ID: HR.S0804.09
Measurements/Size: 55” x 55”
Condition: Very Good

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