Louis Vuitton Rosa Sandals

Louis Vuitton

The bold look of Louis Vuitton’s Rosa Sandals makes me think of Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, but they wouldn’t be out of place on a runway—in fact, these are runway shoes from 2010! Made of thick, pebbled leather fringed over the toes and attached to the wooden platforms with brass studs, they tie in front with tassels that are also fringed, while the wooden platforms stand an inch tall and the rounded gunmetal heels are four inches high. Coming with some light scratches on the platforms and heels, there are a few loose threads on the laces. Probably a bit too casual for the office (but then again, I don’t know where you work!), they’ll hold their own on the dance floor!

Product ID:
Size 37
Very Good

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