Louis Vuitton Coquelicot Epi Néonoé MM

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s Coquelicot Epi Néonoé MM is a bucket bag in a stunning color combo! The main body is made of red Epi leather, and the bottom is smooth red leather, while the drawstring, straps, and details are bright blue leather. Loosen the drawstring to get inside to the blue microfiber interior with a zipped pocket running down the center. In very good condition with a dustbag, two straps (one with a 12.5-inch drop and one with a 5-inch drop), and info booklet, it has a few faint dark marks and a shallow indentation on the bottom, faint wear on the silver hardware, and a light perfume smell. With an embossed logo on the front, the colors on this bucket pop prettily! 


Product ID: LV.R0117.05
Measurements/Size: 10”W x 10.25”H x 6.75”D
Condition: Very Good

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