Burberry Pink Bag


A conversation starter that has really started a conversation inside my head, I'll tell you, the most surprising thing about Burberry's Pink Bag is that it is leather! Yes, the knots are leather, but more importantly, the fringe is leather, too. You can see what the smooth leather looks like as they used that for trim, even though the strap has the fringed leather on top of its six and a quarter inch drop. There is wear on the smooth leather on top and on the zipper pull inside. Open the blackened zipper to the black logo lining with a zipped pocket inside. This was a Prorsum Runway bag and I find it as fascinating as any bag I have ever seen. How did they do it?


Product ID: BB.G1105.07
Measurements/Size: 11"W x 6"H x 1.5"D
Condition: Very Good

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